Electricians Christchurch | Lighting Part 2

Accent Light Fittings- Have an exquisite painting you want to highlight? Maybe a rare plant? Well an accent light fixture might be just the thing for you. Used correctly, they create a dramatic effect by drawing attention to and accentuating the special features of beautiful decorations in your home.
Lights are a major cost issue in most homes. With all the new technology available these days, most home owners look towards more cost effective solutions. Read more below, to establish which options suit you best.

Incandescent Bulbs- While certainly the most widely used form of light bulbs in many homes for a long time, they are not the most efficient. Wondering why? While being low cost to begin with, these can cost you a LOT of money – over time. They use up quite a large amount of electricity and now with competing options that are a lot more energy-efficient, incandescent bulbs are slowly being used less and less everywhere. They also tend to have a short life.
Halogen Bulbs- You should, of course, go for the more energy efficient version. These use 30% less energy than regular incandescent bulbs and provide good quality light. They can be used in a wide variety of settings and also cost less than other options such as CFLs and LED lights.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps(CFLs). These are a great energy efficient option. Unlike traditional incandescent lights, CFLs use a fraction of the energy and they produce a very small amount of heat. CFL fixtures will also have longer lives. These might be quite expensive to buy, but they will more than make up for this by drastically reducing your electricity bill.LED Bulbs- These utilise the most cutting edge technology in energy efficiency. LED which stands for light emitting diode, is the newest domestic light source option on the market. These are by far the most cost effective lights compared to the others. CFLs are certainly popular but with longer lives and mercury free design, LED bulbs are certainly the ones to watch. All of these choices are available in New Zealand. So keep in mind your preferences, the ambience you’re looking to achieve and your budget. Of course, every room can include multiple light sources, so this gives you more flexibility to make your choice.